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For nights, or days, when you want to shut out the chatter & just relax. 


Peach Honeybush

Honeybush is a red tea with a sweet finish that is naturally decafinated. 


Love & Laughter

A sweet rose tea with licorice root that is like a warm hug from a good friend. 


Earl Grey Gold

A floral black Assam tea with bergamot essences for that perfect pick me up.



A lemony hibiscus blend ideal 

when you are under the weather.

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Infused Honey

Our Infused honey sits in the sun with herbs while it soaks up the flavor and nutrients of the herbs. It is super charged honey with cinnamon, ginger, and elderberry

flavor essences. 

Fun Flavors

All our teas are mixed and blended in small batches. 

We take premium full leaf organic teas &

herbs and give them a Southern Twist. The result are bold teas, balanced flavors & wellness benefits in every cup.


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