Organic Artisan Tea

Sourcing the world's finest organic tea

  • Full Leaf Tea

  • Bold Flavors

  • Biodegradable Tea Bags

  • Loose Leaf Also Available


Join 1,000's of  happy tea drinkers and...

Make your day magical with Biron Teas 

Earl Grey Gold Black Tea
English Breakfast
Love & Laughter Herbal Tea
Chamomile Apple Pie Herbal Tea
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Infused Honey

Our Infused honey sits in the sun with herbs while it soaks up the flavor and nutrients of the herbs. It is super charged honey with cinnamon, ginger, and elderberry

flavor essences. 

Fun Flavors

All our teas are mixed and blended in small batches. 

We take premium full leaf organic teas &

herbs and give them a Southern Twist. The result are bold teas, balanced flavors & wellness benefits in every cup.