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About Us

Supplements for a balanced state of being .


Our Teas use a combination of traditional Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic herbs.  By melding many different systems we are able to incorporate the insight and knowledge of many different cultures, thereby picking the best healing herbs for each blend, designing unique wellness teas. 


In addition our teas contain adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogenic herbs are a class of healing plants alleged to regulate overall metabolism, thereby balancing the immune and endocrine systems.  Our blends embrace what ancient Healers have known for centuries; certain herbs restore balance and homeostasis to a person undergoing stress whether physical or emotional. 



All of our teas are 100% natural and produced here in the United States. In addition, our teas are specially blended for taste and aroma, giving them exceptional flavor.


What's next for Biron Herbal Teas?

We have other Teas in development, and encourage you to check back often to see our latest offerings. If you want to stay up to date on the latest news and products please sign up for our mailing list.



Our teas and remedies are designed to help most people who are experiencing a temporary upset to their energy, prana, Qi (however you identify your internal strength). This stress is mostly likely due to external factors or events in their life. They are not intended to address chronic or long-term illness. We encourage you to seek help if you are suffering from a severe or chronic emotional or physical illness and offer our prayers and good energy on your path to recovery. 


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