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Why All Our Tea is Green

  Our goal is to remove toxic chemicals from your cup and give you the 
purest tea possible. Read about how we do this below. 

Our Tea Bags are Biodegradable

Our tea bags are made from NeoSoilon®, a remarkable material. This  material can decomposed rapidly when placed in a compost, but will also hold up when steeping your tea in your tea cup. 

NeoSoilon® is woven mesh filter made from PLA resin that is derived from sugarcane. The filter material along with the pyramid shape is great for letting the water through to the tea, allowing the tea to steep correctly. It simulates a traditional loose leaf steep.

The NeoSoilon tea bags are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We are proud that all our tea bags are made from this revolutionary material.  


Our overwraps are also biodegradable & compostable. We compost them here at Biron Teas and encourage composting them at home. Don't have a compost at home, read how to start one here

We use a material for them called NatureFlex. It is
a PLA plastic made from bio-based cellulose, or plant 
materials. It is suitable for home or industrial composting. 

By using compostable, biodegradable overwraps we are eliminating waste. However, we are also ensuring our teabags are not absorbing unnecessary chemicals from plastic or metal overwraps. 

Tea is  hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture and odors from the air and its environment. This also means it can absorb gases and other chemicals released by toxic plastics. Therefore we take care in how we wrap our tea. 


In 2019 we became an organic Tea Company. This is extremely important to us. Aligning with our mission to offer the purest tea we can, we must start with as pure a source as possible, and that means organic teas. 

Not all tea is created equal, and sourcing organic tea is not as easy at it sounds. However, as the demand for organic teas grows, so do the number of organic tea gardens. 

The camellia sinensis plant does have a natural defense to certain predators and that is caffeine,
however there are diseases and pests that can plague the plant. Traditional pesticides are often used to treat diseased plants because they are often cheaper and more readily available than their organic counterparts.  We search out those gardens that choose healthier ways to combat pests. 

At Biron Teas, we are working to transform all our teas into organic blends. Most of them already are organic. There are only those that contain fruit that we have not yet made organic. We are well on our way with those as well. Our goal is is to have all our teas organic  by the end of 2025.


Bees: Polinators

Bees play a key role in maintaining biodiversity through pollination – the act of transferring pollen grains between plants for fertilization and the production of seeds.
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, food security, nutrition and the health of the environment depend on pollination. Bees and other pollinators contribute to 35 percent of the world’s total crop production, pollinating 87 of 115 leading food crops worldwide. Pollination is responsible for nearly 90 percent of wildflower plants and 75 percent of edible plantation.

As a way of giving back we have raised bees since we began Biron Teas. Not only do we honor our land, environment, and community by hosting pollinators, we are able to take their wonderful honey. We take this beautiful raw honey and infuse it with organic herbs, further enhancing its benefits. We believe tea & honey go hand in hand. Check out the video below of us tending to our hives. Raising bees has been a family tradition for us. You can hear our daughter excited about them in the background. 
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