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Where to find us:  

The places below offer & sell Biron Teas


Our Factory


Tasting Room

Come visit us on your next trip to the Golden Isles! We are located in Historic Downtown, Brunswick, GA and offer ticketed tea tasting experiences. You will learn about tea, how it grows, how it is made and sample special selections. Let tea time take on a whole new meaning and truly appreciate those beautiful little leaves floating in your cup. 

come here to register
for tea tastings starting June 1st!


There is always
time to shop!

Satisfy your tea craving with our delightful selections of teas. Herbal, Black,

Green, and speciality teas await.  

And gifts galore...please tell me more!

Hats, tea towels, honey, mugs &

gift sets are available too!

We will be open for shopping &

mini tea tastings during Downtown

Brunswick's First Fridays and after

ticketed tasting experiences & events.

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