This sweet Rose tea, with a wonderful floral bouquet, contains Organic Western Ayurvedic, and Chinese traditional herbs such as Holy Basil, Oatstraw, and Yarrow.

All the herbs in this tea were chosen for their affinity to camaraderie and joy. Recommended for heart ache, grief, or anyone wanting to release an emotional block.

Have a cup and toast to life, love and friendship. Let LOVE & LAUGHTER be the first step in opening your heart to new possibilities.

Love & Laughter Organic Herbal Tea - 12 Biodegradable Pyramid Sachets

SKU: LL-072022
  • Ingredients: Licorice Root, Rosehips, RoseBuds & Petals, Schisandra Berries, Oatstraw, Stevia Leaf, Yarrow Flower, Holy Basil Leaf, Anise Seed and Natural Flavors.


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