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Don't Just Detox...Recover!

With herbs like Milk Thistle to eliminate toxins and others like Hibiscus with Vitamin C for a healthy immune system, Lemon Verbena for muscle & joint support, Ginkgo Biloba for circulation, and Linden Leaf for colds & sinuses....Recovery has it all! In addition, Recovery has a light lemony flavor which is refreshing cold or hot!

Lemon Verbena and Linden Leaf are the two primary herbs in this wonderful blend. The benefits of these herbs are too numerous to list, however check out the summary below. And of course, if you want to learn more you can always check out the links we cited.

Linden Leaf is effective at reducing stress, along with providing anti-oxidants and aiding to reduce inflammation of the mucus membranes and joints, making it effective in helping cold & flus as well as chronic conditions like arthritis. We love that is also contains P-coumaric acid which encourages the body to release toxins, excess salts, fat, and foreign substances.

Lemon Verbena is also a powerhouse herb and can aid with muscle and joint repair, inflammation and injury. It can also aid with weight loss since it is an herb, like green tea, that can boost your metabolism.

Wow! Recovery is definitely a detox tea that is also designed to aid the body in healing. That is the difference between just a detox tea and Recovery.

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