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Difference of Caffeine in Tea and Coffee

Is this tea caffeinated? This the probably the number one question we get asked. We sell many herbals teas that do not contain any caffeine. However white, green, and black teas do have different levels of caffeine. In addition, how long you steep your tea can affect caffeine levels. In general an 8 ounce cup of tea can provide 15-57mg of caffeine while coffee provides 80-125mg. That is quite a difference.

Caffeine in tea provides energy over a sustained period of times that increases gradually and also decreases gradually. This is because of the tannins that are also found in tea leaves, along with the caffeine. When tea is processed (oxidized/fermented), caffeine gets bonded with tannins in the leaves. Our body has to break down these bonds in a gradual manner to reap the effects of the caffeine.

Why the Caffeine Crash??? - Caffeine in tea binds with tannins in the tea and our body has to break down the tannins to access the caffeine, which is a time release effect. This means that the caffeine lasts longer as well since it is a slow release. The caffeine in coffee is readily accessible and offers a fast fix, so we feel the effects of caffeine all at once, however, this high does not remain long, and there is a thud, or crash when it leaves our system.


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