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How to Make the Word's Best Pool Perfect Iced Tea

Southern Iced Tea is an art form. Honestly, go to any restaurant, fine or casual, in Georgia and ask for Iced Tea, and they will bring you a large (very large, we're talking an Uber Venti Jumbo) glass of sweetened Iced Tea. If you are one of the brave few asking for unsweetened Iced Tea, then all I can say is, "Bless Your Heart!".

In all honesty, sweet tea is not good for you. The amount of sugar would make a Coke blush the color of its can. A little bit of natural stevia or monk fruit sweetener is a healthier way to go. Follow the recipe below for the perfect iced tea....sweetened with leaves, not sugar.

This makes 1 gallon of iced tea.


1 ounce (which is approx. 28 grams or 10-12 pyramid bags/4.5 Tablespoons of loose tea)


Stevia Leaf (or powder) or Monk Fruit Sweetener


Boil 64 ounces (8 cups) of water

Steep the tea in the water for about 3-7 minutes. We prefer 5 minutes because you want it to be strong.

Remove the tea bags/leaves, and let the tea sit in the pot until it cools to room temperature (about 30 minutes).

Add an additional 64 ounces (8 cups) of room temperature water to the pot

Now is when you can add a tiny pinch of natural sweetener (or 1 leaf of the Stevia plant).

Then pour in gallon pitcher and refrigerate.

Pro Tip! Be sure to left it cool to room temperature before throwing in ice or putting it in the fridge. This will reduce any cloudiness.

Pro Tip #2! Add Spearmint Leafs to your iced tea when it is refrigerating for a refreshing flavor twist.

Pro Tip #3! You can also sweeten your tea with orange juice. Instead of 8 cups of room temperature water, add 6 and then add 2 cups of orange juice as well.

If you are looking for inspiration...try our Peach Blossom Black Tea or Pink Pepper Citron Black Tea. May we be so bold and suggest a green/white iced tea with a reduced caffeine content like our Cherry Blossom Green Tea Blend.

. Both make excellent iced teas with amazing flavor profiles.


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