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Organic Tea vs Non Organic Tea

It is hard for the average consumer to know whether or not Organic Tea is better than non Organic Tea. There is a ot of scuttle on whether or not it matters. However, the industry is slowly recognizing the importance of organic tea.

We looked at a CFIA study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2011 that found that pesticide residues in dry tea leaves do make their way into brewed tea. This was a shock to us. Since one of the reasons we love tea are the anti-oxidants they can offer and the wellness benefits, so we started at that point sourcing organic ingredients. We are happy to say that most of our teas are now certified USDA Organic.

The more we researched organic teas and re-sourced our teas from organic farms, the more we fell in love with the organic tea concept. Not only do organic tea farms work with mother nature instead of fighting it, we have found the tea just tastes better. Even though there are many non-organic tea plantations that have been cultivating plants for years developing unique and delicious teas, we have found that organic teas seem to have a more velvety taste and tongue feel.

Below is a quote from an Organic Tea Farmer in China from an article, It talks about the difference in cultivating Organic vs Non Organic tea. It is an interesting read.

The farmer says, "However, the results are worth the hardships. Leaving aside the myriad knock-on benefits a organic farm has for the environment at large. There is something immensely satisfying about understanding the complexity of system and working with that system, not against it to achieve your aim. Moreover, our tea simply tastes better for it. This is down to a number of factors, of course, granted processing and the breed of the plant play a huge role, but, all other variables being equal, truly organic produce has an extra intangible something which makes it all the more delicious. The tea we produce is more vibrant, fragrant and robust than anything we have encountered from non-organic farms."

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