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The Perfect Martini- made with Love & Laughter

We struggled with the decision of infusing vodka with our Love and Laughter tea, since we are an herbal tea, and our first objective is wellness. A local restaurant, after tasting our tea, approached us about serving drinks with a tea infused vodka. I resisted until I tasted it. I am normally don’t like the taste of alcohol, but the vodka actually enhanced the flavor of the tea, and it was delicious! We wanted to share the recipe. First of all it’s very easy, and it doesn’t take long at all.


Take 6 oz of Vodka

Take 1 Love and Laughter tea bag

Put the tea bag in the vodka and let it steep for 30 minutes. If you let it steep longer than that it will start to turn bitter, and you don’t want that!

Then mix as you wish. And please drink responsibly!

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