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A GA Grown Good Night's Sleep: Biron Teas partners with American Blossom Linens.

Biron Teas is so proud to be partnering with American Blossom Linens another Georgia Grown Company.

Their luxury southern soft linens are made right here in Thomaston, Georgia with organic cotton grown in the USA. Their product is 100% American from cotton to "covers" and supports ethical, American production. They are reintroducing American Blossom, a brand that Thomaston Mills made back in the 1940's. It is truly a treat to sleep on such beautiful linens. They use their years of experience to create the perfect fabric balanced between delicate, soft and breathable.

Linen orders come with a Biron Tea Treat, two of our Peach Honeybush Blossom Tea bags. What better way to sleep under the sweet Southern Sun then with Peach Honeybush Tea and a beautiful set of Peach State sheets. Our Peach Honeybush tea is naturally decaffeinated, making it the perfect bedtime tea. Join us and American Blossom Linens for the perfect night's sleep.

Friends and Family get $50 off their online order (https://americanblossomlinens.com) with code FRIENDS50.

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